Monday, April 28, 2008

Wall Art

This blog has turned out to be a new adventure for me; hopefully a lighter journey from my studio work. However, I have decided that this blogging is a form of exhibitionist behavior. So what!

I have pictured some wall dirt from my dog, Blue. I love her but she is alot of work. The picture on the left is her dog goo that I often (thankfully once in a while) find on the walls of our home......I know, it is totally disgusting but I wanted to express what I often teach in my art classes - the anti aesthetic. Also, pictured is the culprit.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunflower Dirt

I hesitated to start a blog but I am into investigating new technologies and learning new concepts. Also, this morning I saw some neat images that I thought would be an interesting start to this new application. Last Sunday, Ken and I planted our starter seeds for our garden. The photos show the instant gratification that we were awarded within a few days. They are sunflower seedlings and they have bloomed quickly in our front room where we receive ample light and is a great place for seed incubation. They are humorous and sensual and they appealed to my senses right away.