Thursday, August 16, 2012

August Ennui

At the sports park, I often take my dog Blue for frequent walks.  She doesn't go too far or demand much from me as far as throwing sticks or balls.  Blue likes to sniff, eat the grass and while we walk around the perimeter of the field, I get to peruse and observe slowly what is around me. I forget that it is okay to linger, to watch, sit in the grass and play.  

This time of year, I love observing the Alaskan grasses.  I often take this environment for granted.  This short film piece was taken the other day while I set up a tripod and filmed myself in certain locations around the area.  There were the tall grasses that I played with by rolling over the ground or jumping from behind the tall reeds.  For several years, I have been looking at this one particular grove of trees.  They are formidable in appearance and mystical to me; standing together so elegantly and aligned perfectly to each other spoke of the aesthetic that I look for in my art.  When I pieced and edited the project, I was taken aback at how small I was in comparison to the largeness of this forest.  They remain dear to me and I promise I will never look at them the same way.  These trees are remarkable, strong, enduring and fantastic.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

minute clip feeder

During the past year I have been taking some video clips of our two bird feeders.  The Chickadees come and go, never stay long enough for me to entirely observe them,  but I  pieced together a short collection of their activities.  I love watching them flit in and out, making their short journeys to the feeders to grab some seeds while launching back to the branches, some resting while others disappear from sight.