Saturday, February 26, 2011

I vote for more beginnings.........

If you haven't seen my exhibition - click on the link below and scroll down. The blog features my paintings and videos from the opening.

Monday, February 21, 2011

a contemporary Lucy

This video was realized in 2008; titled Fall to Dark is a quirky rendition of abstract visuals of my feet and the grounds of fallen leaves accompanied to the music of a Los Angeles composer.

Ken and I had walked to the sports park over by our neighborhood one late Sunday summer afternoon and the weather was changing. I was grabbing all the good days I could before the eventual fall to the winter months. This sports park is an immense field of land making it a grand space to walk your dog, see the local soccer and baseball games from the neighborhood schools or to see the changing fields of swinging daisies, grasses and local fireweed. At that time, the park was cordoned off to a group of paint ball battlers. The large bags of pillows (used to shield the aggressors from the rapid fire of paint pellets) are strategically placed on the playing field. The players suit up donning their masks and uniforms shooting their paint ball guns by teams making for short bursts of attacks on each other accompanied with loud cracks from the rifle noise. That day, we happened to collect the residue of the paint balls outside the playing field. Some were bleached from the sun, some half filled with the liquid, others full and unused colorful balls, but nevertheless I happened to find a floating plastic trash bag in the area and started collecting these cool pieces of soft rubber.

Once home, I set up the tripod and filmed my feet dancing on the semi liquid paint balls. I also walked around the yard observing the dying green of summer. It wasn't until later that I edited the film coupling it with the fitting sound to my friend's music.

I was fortunate to be able to show this video at my solo exhibition at the MTS Gallery on February 18, 2011. It was the opportune time to show this short clip, the perfect setting and night. It added color to the snow that had accumulated that morning and ironically ushered in some signs of spring.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

just a pretty picture

Just a Pretty Picture is a diptych, oil on canvas, is 40" x 90" and was completed in 2011. The left side of the canvas was done during the summer and then I added the right panel a few weeks ago. My exhibition titled Ends and Beginnings of Paintings opens at MTS Gallery in Mountain View on February 18, 2011. It will be a show of studies on the figure; fleeting impressions, half organized shapes dotted with some design work, completed forms too and some peppered with graphite scrawls, nature bits, and paint. Painting is what I do best but often I veer off this trail and do other alternative medias such as documenting my travels and mixed media works which are a relief between my painting practice inducing sculptural textures. I will also be showing a video titled Fall to Dark, music composed by my good friend who lives in Los Angeles, Drew Lesso. This is an abstract wandering piece, quirky and charged with absurdity.